Google Analytics 4: How To Create Your Measurement Protocol API Secret

If you're installing our software that automatically posts sales and traffic source data from Keap/Infusionsoft into Google Analytics Ecommerce, and you're having trouble creating your GA4 API credentials, this guide will show you how.

Login to your Google Analytics account and click on "Admin" in the lower left corner.

Under the "Property" column, click into "Data Streams" and open the data stream by clicking on it.

In the top right, save the Measurement ID.

Scroll down to find "Measurement Protocol API secrets" and click into it.

Accept the terms, then create a new API secret with the nickname "" and save the Secret value.

From inside your account's settings, paste the Measurement ID value into the Measurement ID field, and paste the Secret value into the API Secret field. Then click the "Update" button to save your settings.

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