Google Analytics 4: List Unwanted Referrals for Keap/Infusionsoft

If you've installed our software that automatically posts sales and traffic source data from Keap/Infusionsoft into Google Analytics Ecommerce, and you're trying to setup your List Unwanted Referrals inside GA4, this guide will show you how.

1) Go to the "Admin" of your Google Analytics Account.

2) Under the "Property" column, click on "Data Streams".

3) Click "Web" and then click on the data stream you want to change.

4) Find "Configure tag settings" at the bottom of the page, and click into it.

5) In the "Settings" section, click "Show all", and then click on "List unwanted referrals".

Assuming your website domain is and your Keap/Infusionsoft app name is you should be setup like this:

Depending on the complexity of your specific setup, you may have to make additional entries above for anything else your traffic may travel through such as an Upselling System.

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