Mapping of Infusionsoft Discounts to Google Analytics Ecommerce


If you've installed our software that automatically posts sales data from Infusionsoft into Google Analytics Ecommerce and you're using discounts inside of Infusionsoft, you'll want to read this page to learn how those product discounts will be visible inside of Google Analytics Ecommerce.

There are four types of discounts you can apply from inside of Infusionsoft. You can apply a discount to the "order total", a "product", a "category", and/or the "shipping" amount.

The first three will show up in Google Analytics Ecommerce as order items under the names of "Discount (Order Total)", "Discount (Product)", and "Discount (Category)". These items will have negative values, as they are subtracting from the order total.

Discounts applied to shipping will be reflected inside of Google Analytics Ecommerce as an adjusted total "Shipping" cost for the order. Shipping discounts will NOT show up as any type of item.

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