Regenerating Your API Key

If you've installed our software that automatically posts sales and traffic source data from Keap/Infusionsoft into Google Analytics Ecommerce, and you're about to reset your API key, this will explain the procedure and what to expect.

Resetting your API key will result in your website NOT being able to send data into our system until you update our JavaScript client software on your website with the new key. So it's important to update that software immediately following any API key resets.

If you have our optional Cookie Vault enabled, resetting your API key will also result in any pending cookies being lost. These are specifically cookies that have been set at the user's browser, but NOT yet collected by the Cookie Vault. All cookies already inside the Cookie Vault will remain unaffected. If for some reason you need to change your API key and NOT invalidate pending cookies, please contact support for help with this.

This is an irreversible destructive action, that should only be considered if you really know what you're doing.

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