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About This Tool

The Google Analytics URL Builder will add custom campaign parameters to the link you provide that are visible inside your Google Analytics reports. When a user clicks on one of the links generated by this tool, the unique campaign parameters you provide are sent to your Google Analytics account along with the page request. This allows you to see which campaigns are attracting the most traffic, highest goal conversions, and greatest ecommerce revenue.

We have detailed instructions available on Building URLs for Infusiosoft Email Campaigns and Newsletters and Building URLs for the Infusionsoft Affiliate System.

Best Practices

Do NOT uses this tool for AdWords! If you're using Google AdWords and you've linked your AdWords account to your Google Analytics account, simply enable auto-tagging to see your AdWords campaign data inside Google Analytics.

Because these parameters are case sensitive, you'll want to use lower case letters only for Campaign Source and Campaign Medium to match data that may already be inside your Google Analytics account. As an example, Campaign Medium "email" and Campaign Medium "Email" would show up as separate campaign mediums, which would make it impossible to see everything you think of as email under one campaign medium.

Be consistent with your tags across all campaigns. If you use "cpc" (correct tag) for Campaign Medium on one campaign, and then "pay per click" (incorrect tag) for Campaign Medium on another campaign, you won't be able to see all of your Cost Per Click traffic under one report inside Google Analytics.

Details for Each Parameter

Campaign Source (required) utm_source
Used to identify the source of the traffic such as "infusionsoft".

Campaign Medium (required) utm_medium
Used to identify the medium of the traffic such as "email", "cpc" (cost per click), or "pps" (pay per sale).

Campaign Name (required) utm_campaign
Used to identify the campaign for the traffic such as "newsletter-2015-06", "New User Email Sequence 1", or "affiliate".

Campaign Content (optional) utm_content
Used to differentiate between multiple links that point to the same URL such as "menu-link", "footer-link", or "call-to-action-button-1".

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