Google Analytics Ecommerce

You have discovered the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to get transaction data from your Infusionsoft account into Google Analytics Ecommerce. Here's some of the things this will show you...

What are the interests of the most profitable buyers?

What are the conversion rates by gender?

What are sales trends looking like by location across the internet for websites like yours? If Canada is spending 10% more than last month on websites like yours, but your Canadian sales are down, you've got problems.

What is the trend of conversion rates by device type across websites like yours? In other words, if your sales are down 3% since last month, but sales for websites like yours are down 9% across the internet, your fine.

What are individual users worth?

What actions/sales have a specific user made?

What are the conversion rates and revenue generated by traffic channel type?

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