Subscriptions and Multiple Payments

If you're ready to use our software that automatically posts sales data from Keap/Infusionsoft into Google Analytics Ecommerce, you may be wondering how it deals with subscriptions and multiple payments. This document will explain what you'll need to setup to record these transaction types.

A basic setup of requires our software to be activated on the thank-you page for your Keap/Infusionsoft shopping cart and/or order forms. In this case, uses the traffic source data from the purchaser's web browser as it loads the thank-you page. This works perfectly for a one time charge sale.

In the case of any automatic payments, such as delayed charges and subscription payments, the purchaser's web browser isn't involved in the subsequent transactions. Because there is no web browser, there isn't any traffic source data, and there isn't any hit to a thank-you page telling that there is a transaction that needs to be processed. Here's how we make this work...

First, you'll need to use our Cookie Vault so we have saved traffic source data available for any offline sales. This is the sale type when there isn't any purchaser web browser involved.

Next, you'll want to consider if you should setup the User ID functionality for Google Analytics. If you're selling something that's "one payment today and one payment in a week" you may not benefit from doing this. If however, you've got a membership site that is going to bill a user every month for the next 5 years, it's worth the trouble setting this up properly. What sending the optional User ID accomplishes is that it links together sessions when a purchaser uses multiple devices, or flushes browser cookies.

Finally, you'll need to setup Keap/Infusionsoft to notify of offline sales with a Keap/Infusionsoft Payment Notification Webhook.

Known Limitations

While all transactions will be reported into Google Analytics and Google Ads, the limitations of the Facebook and Bing Conversion Tracking platforms means that you'll only see the initial online sale type reported inside Facebook and Bing at this time.

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