Google Analytics User ID Setup for Infusionsoft

If you're using our software that automatically posts sales data from Infusionsoft into Google Analytics Ecommerce, you may be wondering how to send the Infusionsoft Contact ID into Google Analytics as a User ID. This knowledgebase article will explain the functionality added by doing this and walk you through the installation process.

Please note: This is a very complex custom configuration. If you are not a Google Analytics expert, you can purchase one of our paid support packages for help setting this up.

Functionality Added

We live in a world where many of the visitors to our website have multiple devices, such as a smart-phone, tablet, office computer, and home computer. This creates a tracking nightmare. What if a user clicks on one of our AdWords ads from their tablet and signs up for our newsletter, but then places an order a week later from their office computer? If we don't have a way to link those sessions together, we don't know that AdWords was responsible for finding that customer, and thus our return on ad investment calculations are wrong.

Google's answer for this inside Google Analytics is to send the optional parameter uid, which is User ID. When separate devices and/or sessions have the same unique uid, Google Analytics knows to link them together as the same user. For those of us running Infusionsoft, we already have a unique identifier for each contact, called Contact ID. When you have this optional feature enabled for Google Analytics inside of your settings for, will send the corresponding Contact ID from inside Infusionsoft, with the transaction data, into Google Analytics as uid.


Sorry, GA4 documentation NOT avalible yet.

Known Limitations

If you merge two duplicate contacts inside Infusionsoft, you're merging Contact IDs, and there is no way to merge User IDs with Google Analytics. You'll drop data for whatever Contact ID got dropped. Do everything you can to prevent duplicate contacts from being created inside Infusionsoft.

Access the Cross Device Reports

Once you have this setup, you'll have access to the Cross Device Reports inside Google Analytics. You can find the Cross Device reports in the Audience section of a User ID reporting view. These reports include Device Overlap (find out what type and how many devices are used to access your content), Device Paths (discover the last 5 device types used before a conversion), and Acquisition Device (see the relationship between acquisitions and conversions).

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