Cookie Vault and Cookie System

If you're ready to use our software that automatically posts sales data from Infusionsoft into Google Analytics Ecommerce, and you have some kind of advanced/non-normal configuration that dosen't play nice with the standard Google cookie, this article will explain how to use our Cookie System to get correct data.

Some examples of when you'll want to do this are:


Go to your Settings and under the heading " Cookie Settings" you'll "Enable Cookie Vault" and click the "Update Cookie Settings" button.

Sending Leads

You now have the Cookie Vault setup and ready. The last thing you need to do is actually capture the lead data so our system has something to work with when an offline transaction happens.

This next part is as much art as it is science... The trick is that we need to create a contact record inside Infusionsoft. Here's an example of how this may happen:

Maybe your website uses a "Free Phone Consultation" to create the contact record inside Infusionsoft. Maybe it's a newsletter signup. Maybe it's something else. This is the "art" part: You need to offer some kind of value that they'd be insane to NOT give you their first name and email address to cash in on that offer. Maybe you use multiple methods together, like a newsletter signup and a free phone consultation... different types of bait catch different types of fish. Do whatever it takes to create that contact record inside Infusionsoft.

Whatever combination of Infusionsoft forms you use to do this, keep a few things in mind... Each form should use a thank-you page hosted on your website (NOT at Infusionsoft). Please do NOT confuse "lead thank-you pages" with "sale thank-you pages" which need to remain completely separate. On the settings of the form, be sure you're sending the contactid variable to the thank-you page. Depending on if you're using a web form or an older legacy form, you'll see slightly different settings inside of Infusionsoft for this. Just look for the option that most closely resembles "send information to the thank-you page" and contact Infusionsoft tech support if you need further help with this.

Stitching Sessions Together With User ID

Optionally, to get the most accurate and complete traffic source data, you'll want to stitch together multiple user sessions and/or multiple user devices by enabling User ID functionality.

Viewing Lead Data

You can see real-time and historical data for your leads from inside your Google Analytics account under "Events". Here's an example of the data sent into Google Analytics for a lead:

Event Category: 
Event Action: Lead
Event Label: ContactID 12345

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