Tracking Infusionsoft Phone Orders


If you're ready to use our software that automatically posts sales data from Infusionsoft into Google Analytics Ecommerce, you may be wondering if it can track phone orders. Yes, it can. This document will explain what you'll need to setup to record phone orders.

The short answer is to enable our Cookie Vault, setup your website to record leads, enable the Infusionsoft Payment Notification Webhook, and optionally following our best case practice of sending Google Analytics the Infusionsoft Contact ID as User ID.

Cookie Vault

Because phone orders happen without a web browser, we need a way to figure out and store traffic source data. You can follow these instructions to set this up. We now have a place to store "leads", which are traffic source data for an individual user that may purchase in the future.

Capture Leads

You'll want to follow the detailed setup instructions for the Cookie Vault, but a basic use example would be:

Payment Notification Webhook

As mentioned above, our system needs a way to know when a phone order is placed. With Infusionsoft order forms, and the Infusionsoft shopping cart, this happens automatically, but for phone orders, you'll need to follow our instructions for setting up the webhook.

Sending User ID

Optionally, we strongly recommend setting up User ID functionality to get the most accurate/complete traffic source data.

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