Google Analytics Ecommerce
for Infusionsoft

If you use Infusionsoft and feel like your marketing efforts have been blindfolded guesses in the dark, this is the solution. Our software is the secret used by hundreds of Infusionsoft users worldwide to lower advertising costs, increase sales, and raise revenue per sale.

Our software reports all of the sales data from your Infusionsoft shopping cart and order forms into Google Analytics Ecommerce, Google AdWords Conversion Tracking, and Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking. Finally your reports will answer the only question you care about: Where are my most profitable customers coming from and how do I find more of them?

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Get started now with our Free 15 Day Trial and within minutes your Google Analytics, AdWords, and Facebook dashboards will start lighting up with answers.

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Google Analytics Ecommerce

See which campaigns and referral sources are most profitable. The Ecommerce section of your Google Analytics account will have the transaction data needed to enable Google's advanced tools for analyzing online business performance. You'll also see demographics allowing you to profile your most profitable customers. When you understand where your money is coming from it's easy to do more of what's working and less of what isn't.

AdWords Conversion Tracking

Know with one look which campaigns are profitable and which are not. Because you're now providing AdWords with the data it needs for return on investment calculations, you can use the AdWords Conversion Optimizer, which bids automatically to provide you with profits, rather than simply clicks. It's always been easy to see how much your campaigns are costing you. Wouldn't it be nice to see exactly what they are earning for you?

Facebook Conversion Tracking

Running your ads based on conversion data without factoring in the value of the conversion is a recipe for disaster. Not all conversions are equal. A conversion for $500.00 is five hundred times more valuable than a conversion for $1.00. You want to focus your campaigns on the demographics that are spending the most money on your site. Give Facebook the data it needs with our software, and successfully building an audience profile to market to is easy.

A Track Record You Can Trust

The first version of was born in 2011 to provide a solution for getting Infusionsoft sales data into Google Analytics Ecommerce and Google AdWords. Less than a year later it was repackaged into an Infusionsoft Plugin and was one of the first products available on the Infusionsoft Marketplace. Today, version 2 of the software is used by hundreds of Infusionsoft's most successful marketers.

We're a Google Partner with a team that holds multiple Google Certifications and because we're using the software everyday ourselves, we built it from the ground up with security in mind. All data in and out of our system is encrypted.

Google Analytics Ecommerce Data

$14.95 per Month

Sign up for our Free 15 Day Trial and we'll show you:

  • Conversion Sources: See where your sales are coming from.
  • Return on Investment: See the dollar value each source is generating.
  • Time to Purchase: See how many days and visits to your site it takes for a purchase to happen.
  • Page Optimization by Value: See which versions of your content generate the highest sales.
  • Keyword Optimization by Value: See which keywords are generating high value sales and which are generating only clicks.
  • Demographics: See what customer types generate the highest value sales.
  • Promo Code Performance: See how the use of promotional codes is impacting your business.

Free 15 Day Trial